Other Services


(Clean & Shine Interior)
  • Vacuum seats, carpet, floor mats and boot
  • Shampoo carpets, seats & floor mats
  • Leather Treatment applied to leather seats
  • Clean windows, inside & out
  • Clean dash, console & interior door panels
  • Apply Protectant to dash, console & door panels
  • Clean door jambs
  • Fragrance interior

    * Small Car $120
    * Medium $150
    * Large $180
    * 4WD/People Mover $200
    * Pet hair/excessive sand/red dirt incur extra charges


Selling your car?
We can help you achieve a higher selling price. You choose how little or how much you want done, then leave the rest to us.


You’ve got to admit it, living in Australia is awesome; unfortunately our harsh UV rays, insects and bird poo splattering on our cars, bore water, tree sap and stones flicking up on our car; are all harmful to our cars paintwork. Protect your car from the elements by getting paint protection applied. Paint Protection leaves your car with a beautiful gloss finish and because it protects your paint work your car is more likely to hold its value. Shop wisely! Obtain quotes from several outlets before you purchase paint protection.


Want your car looking great all the time? We can schedule to clean your car on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Maintaining your car in good condition can help retain its value.